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recent work

I recently wrote this essay, "The Secret Life of Time," for The New Yorker, about Augustine, William James, and what I think about at 4:27 a.m. And another, for Nautilus, about how time is contagious.

​I also write for The New Yorker.com on a range of subjects, including:

The discovery of the nearest-known exoplanet, just 4.3 light-years from our own. (But will we ever get there?)


... and the discovery, maybe, of Planet Nine, an ice giant out beyond Neptune. 


The mystery of Sunderland F.C., which excels at being the worst team in the Premier League season after season. 


Dung beetles that navigate by the  light of the Milky Way. 

A moth called Trump.


A brief history of cheating in the World Cup


What trap-cams reveal about what animals do when humans aren't looking.


The entirely reasonable fear of pole-vaulting that every world-class pole-vaulter feels.

And a chat with Pluto-killer Mike Brown about the possible discovery of Planet Nine: